Fran Doran
In June of 2012 our Agency reached a milestone, the beginning of our 25th year in business.  We are so grateful for the many friendships and business relationships we have formed.  This mission that started in our first two  room office on St George Street has been continually fine-tuned, but hasn’t changed…we remain 100% focused on dealing with the personal risk/insurance issues of individuals and families. 

There can not be too many people who have had careers that have allowed them to meet and know, for long periods of time, so many incredibly smart and fascinating people who have done such amazing things with their lives and talents. For that I will always be thankful.  

We are seeing an uptick in construction projects for our clients.  Sea Dar, a company that is currently building homes for some of our clients, offered to write an article offering helpful hints on how to get the best value for your construction project.  We hope you find this informative.

We’ve also heard a number of clients talk about their frustration dealing with the delays and increased documentation requirements for mortgage underwriting.  Klaus Jensen of Mortgage Master wrote a piece for our clients giving helpful guidance on how to better prepare and thereby maximize the likelihood of the best outcome and minimize delay.  


I hope this newsletter finds you well, and that you are blessed with a loving family, loyal friends and good health. We remain thankful that you are part of the journey.



Fran Doran


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