•    Personal Liability
We routinely counsel clients as to appropriate liability strategies intended to minimize the risk of an event occurring, and also provide appropriate insurance protection for those unfortunate instances where accidents occur for which you may be liable.

•    Excess Liability – limits up to $100,000,000
We aid clients in understanding the process that takes place when a liability claim goes to trial so that they may know, in advance, the exposures that they may face at a trial and can plan accordingly.

•    Directors and Officers Liability
We routinely act as a resource for expert advice in the area of protecting your personal assets against the exposure you take on as a director or officer of a corporation.

•    Liability for Directors or Trustees of Non-Profit Organizations
We offer consultation on maximizing personal insurance protection in the event a legal action is taken against you for your actions while serving as a board member, director, or trustee of a non-profit organization.

•    Worker’s Compensation for Domestic Employees
Do you employ domestic employees?  If so, you may be responsible for providing worker’s compensation insurance. We routinely work with our clients to determine if there is a legal responsibility to provide worker’s compensation benefits, and implement coverage on a cost effective basis.

•    Employment Practices Liability for Domestic Employees
Employment Practices Liability protects you in the event that legal action is taken against you for claims such as improper treatment, civil rights violations, wrongful termination or alleged sexual harassment.