•    Individual Guaranteed Disability Insurance Protection
We help structure contracts that guarantee both cost, and that the terms, definitions, and conditions of the contract language cannot be changed. Finally, we work with companies who issue contracts that cannot be cancelled at the insurer’s discretion.  The client alone reserves the right to cancel the policy.

•    Disability Insurance to Fund Lost Retirement Plan Contributions

Do you make significant annual retirement plan contributions, either on your own or through your employer, that would cease in the event of a disability? It is now possible to insure retirement plan contributions, protecting against the loss of future income that will be generated by your retirement plans.

•    Protecting Small Business Overhead Expenses

Professionals such as dentists, lawyers, accountants, architects, and physicians face significant damage to their practice and ability to earn a future income in the event they become disabled.  Overhead expense disability protection continues a stream of cash which would pay expenses such as rent and the salaries of key employees, while the principal is disabled.